I'm working from home until September 2020, so I decided to decorate my home office. I also needed a creative outlet and to boost my productivity (and morale). Read along and I'll show you my setup in five parts!

Part 1 - Main Tools of the Trade

Laptop: Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2017) - I got my first MBP in 2015, and I never switched back ever since! I always prefer to code in Unix environments since college, and that habit stuck to this day. I still use Windows through a Virtual Machine just to run Alteryx.

I may have less coding projects at this point in my career, but I would still choose MacOS due to better usability. I put higher value on products that are beautiful and easy-to-use. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference.

Monitor: Dell 24 UltraSharp Monitor (Click here for specs) - This monitor is my top productivity booster! It's highly useful to view my VM, compare two files, lay out plans, and stream meetings. The colors are vivid, the images are clear; I have no complaints about this monitor at all.

Thankfully, the company I work for highly supports remote work so they were able to deliver my office monitor to my house.

Books - Learning never stops! So I often read up on topics that interest me professionally and personally. My current interests are on the holistic views on health and business. Here are some titles on my desk for reference:

  • Successful Aging by Daniel Levitin - Goodreads
  • HBR Guide to Data Analytics for Managers - Goodreads

Part 2: Brain Boosters

Water - Aside from needed hydration, drinking water helps me regulate my caffeine intake. It benefits my skin and digestion as well!

Coffee - Just like majority of the labor force, I'm obsessed with caffeine. I usually prefer mine in blackā€”no sugar and milk. I make caffe lattes and cappuccinos on the weekends though.

Notebooks - If you haven't noticed yet, I have a bunch of spiral notebooks on my desk. Jotting down my ideas on paper, particularly on paper, gives me a sense of fulfillment. I work in the tech industry, but part of me likes things old-fashioned.

Part 3: My Ergonomic Chair

Look at the beaut! I love my dad for giving this chair to me. I never experienced back pains using this chair.

Part 4: My Wall

I got motivated to decorate my area when my mom gave me this metal grid. You'll see here some postcards from friends and personal trips, conference IDs, and cute little items. Dashes of color from this wall make me feel good and hopeful amidst the global and national crises.

Part 5: Beauty Products on my Desk

I have these goodies on my desk for specific concerns:

  • Origins GinZing Eye Cream - I put this when I lack sleep or I just notice dark circles under my eyes. I'm not sure if it's psychosomatic, but the depuffing effect is almost instant. I bought mine in Sephora LA back in 2018.

  • V&M Lip Polish - I find myself using this when I have chapped lips (usually caused by dehydration, lol). I love the melon smell as well.

Working from home in a long period of time can induce anxiety and other mental health issues. This simple decorating activity helped me cope, and hope for better things to come. - EM