Visiting New York City is my favorite memory, thus far.

This trip—like no other—makes me smile and quite teary-eyed at the same time. NYC has a special place in my heart. I have nothing but gratitude that I got to explore this city in my lifetime.

Image: Me at Times Square

NYC's hustle and bustle may be compatible with my aspirational Capricorn energy self. But kidding aside, this trip made me reminisce all my past efforts that allowed me to have this experience. The little, everyday pains of Manila traffic, tight deadlines and heavy Excel workbooks are all worth it.

Image: Somewhere in Lower Manhattan

It also humbled me not to take all the credit alone. I realize that luck, privilege and relationships also come into play. You know the feeling of being at the right place at the right time? That exactly is how I felt during the trip.

That feeling was at its peak when I saw Ariana Grande and Benito Skinner perform live in NYC. Imagine the joy I felt learning that both of them had scheduled performances during my visit. Talk about perfect timing.

I have to say that I'm beyond grateful to the company I work for, RingCentral, for the opportunity. Also to my lovely hosts, who welcomed me with open arms and spent their time and resources in giving me the best experiences.

Image: The New York Public Library

Lastly, the trip has introduced me to possibilities that the world can offer. Visiting all these great places such as The World Trade Center, Columbia, Wall Street, NYPL, Central Park, and Facebook NY inspired to reevaluate my life trajectory in the next few years. How can live life at my fullest potential?

How can I be better person? How can I fulfill my purpose? It's my personal belief that to improve this society, these are questions everyone should ask themselves. Imagine how the world will be like if everyone is living out their own truths.

Image: Me at Central Park

Two months after my visit, I'm still in discernment. I still have no clear answers. But I must say: clues became easier to spot.

I'm learning to clear my mind and spot moments that make me at peace (or in other words, happy). Writing is on the list, and has always been ever since. I don't think I'm good at it, but I would say that it's in my DNA to ruminate and jot down my thoughts. Let me share what my freshly-minted self wrote back in 2015:

By continuing to write, Eyana hopes to keep herself young and upbeat in life. Maturity helps to get by, to blend in. But being young keeps the fire burning—to question the status quo, to optimize lifestyles, to push boundaries, and to accomplish great things.

Therefore, I commit to writing more on this blog as often as I could. I decided to be more open to talk about my personal thoughts here. Let's see where this goes. - EM

Image: Me at the Grand Central Terminal